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I bought a 2004 Nissan Cube 3 in Black from a Dealer on the Gold Coast. I picked because i needed a Mini Van . Lots of space after folding down thr rear seats. Car had some issues, it had a front end accident they used a packet of cable ties to put it together . I promptly replace them with proper body clips etc. I replaced the 310CCA battery with a High Performance 410CCA Century and Changed the terminals. The previous owner had installed a temp gauge not sure why it never got hot after i repaired the front bonnet trim removing all the plastic covering the front end.
I replaced the Starter motor and serviced the Autotransmission. I find it drives better with only 98 unleaded in its tank But 1.4L motor is terrible for hill climbs. It has Air con that severely kills any performance when on. Theres no heating.

Pros : Cheap to run , easy to drive. Plenty of space, big tailgate door.

Cons: Parts hard to get, can't find a manual that fits this model, Auto trans keeps sticking between first and second Gear. Drivers seat is hard and the seat belt sits in bad place up my butt.

I've seen other cars on the Gold Coast. Flashing lights when we pass . Would good if we all meet up .

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