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New wheels

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I finally got my new wheels & tires installed today. I think it looks great, compared to the stock hubcaps but could use some lowering. What do you guys think?
The guy over at the installation shop mentioned something about coilovers?


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On my S-10 I got 3" drop shocks. I had run the stock shocks for about a week and the universal joint on the drive shaft kept binding on bumps and such. The drop shocks worked like a charm.

I used drop spindles on the front so the stock shocks up there remain.

I have not used drop shocks on my Fit 3-3 drop, and it is fine. For the Fit is was recommended to cut down the bump stops and I did not do that either and I have never hit them, I have friends with stock hight Fit's who said they have hit the bump stops.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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