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NEW Paint Job

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:) Ok here some pictures of the NEW CUBE painted. I am very happy with the results. I Had the top half painted silver, plus the door handles. The wheels paint same color of CUBE, and a sunroof put in. Also had the areo kit and window deflectors put on. John


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It looks AMAZING!!! :eek:

Great job on getting that done.

Do you have any interior shots of the sunroof? How does the water drop ceiling connect to the sunroof?

I do like how it turned out.
what is the inspiration for the color combo?

Also could you post some interior pics of the sunroof and if you don't mind me asking how much the install cost. My GF would love a sunroof!
Love the new look!! Let us know how the sunroof holds up. What sunroof kit was used? I have experience with adding sunroofs and, in my experience, it can be hit/miss. It looks great, and I may be interested in doing that in the future.....assuming you give a good report!!
you get the prize for the 1st known custom painted Cube! trailblazer indeed! personally i would've like to see you go more wild on the paint. if you're going custom, you may as well go all out! maybe like a tribal or even flame pinstripe dividing the top and lower halves.

Super cleeeeean work. And thanks for the process shots too!
:)Will get some interior shots in a few days. The sunroof come from the sunroof doc, out of New Orleans. Cost was $149. The cost of puttin it in was included with the paint job. That was $1500. I live in Janesville,WI. Maybe that is why it was cheaper then what everyone thought. Its not the best job, but door jams were painted, and i am happy with it. Its my daily driver and i wanted it to look different then anyone else's out there. Greatlakes Dragway has Import Wars on July 12the, I plan on taken it there to show off in there small car show. The color's are close to my other ride Honda S2000 which is silver with red interior. Guess just fond of thos colors. John
:) Ok here's the interior pictures i was going to get for everyone hope they show the headliner like you wanted to see. John


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vtechunter said:
:) Ok here's the interior pictures i was going to get for everyone hope they show the headliner like you wanted to see. John
Looks pretty nice to me! You definitely have one of the only custom Cubes around! :)

nice, thanks for the new pics. That doesn't disrupt the ripple effect as much as I thought. Good deal.
let us know how that sunroof holds up, looks like I fount what to get my Cube for her 1st birthday.

this is what the moon roof looks like in the new Japanese Cubes, in a year hope there are some kit like this out.
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no way man! :no:
just kidding that paint job looks nice man, stands out, nice work on the sunroof, it looks oem clean
Incredible color choice..........
Ok I need a sunroof now since I've seen proof that it can be done.
I absolutely love it!!! If its not to personal.... How much did you pay to have it done? Also, how much extra for the Sun Roof?

Thanks for all the great comments. The sunroof only cost about 100 bucks of the internet, as far as installation I had it done at the same time my CUBE was painted. If I didn't have the painter install it I would have attempted it myself. They are not that hard to put in. I have had no leaks threw the winter. John
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