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New Cubeist!

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Hey Guys, good to see a forum that's made for cubists like us :p
I'm from Australia and I've been a fan of Nissan's cube ever since they first started coming to New Zealand (where i used to live) in '03.

The cube has just met the necessary requirements necessary for the Australian government to start working on the legislation that allows the car to imported. Obviously I rejoiced haha.
It is still at least a year away as the government is very slow with this stuff :(

As soon as we can, my fiancee and I will hopefully be importing an '08 or newer cube3 cubic 1.5L e-4wd
We are hoping to get a supercharged Impul version or at least a bodykitted one.

I hope this forum grows into a hub of information for those of us that cannot read the japanese sites :p

I do have a suggestion which i will post in the feedback forum also:
we need a cube modification forum!!!

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Welcome Joel! Hah, I know, the government is always slow at implementing things but not when it comes to taking our hard earned money. Hopefully the import legislation will clear up around the same time the Cube arrives in North America so we can all talk about our new Cubes! ;D

I owned '04 IMPUL Cube. Wonder if IMPUL have '08 with e-4wd version, the black one with red lining looks great! :D


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