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New Cube SL in Rockford, Illinois

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Hi, we picked up our beautiful SL on Tuesday night, and we love it!

We went with the SL in Bitter Chocolate, with the lights package. Strangely, we'd gone to pick the car up from our local dealer the previous Friday, and the model they'd had delivered for us didn't have the light package, even though it was listed as fitted on the window sticker! (and yes, the VIN on the car matched the VIN on the sticker!)

So they promised to get the right car for us, and we had a call from them just a day or so later saying ours was in. When we went to pick it up, we saw the other brown cube out front, with a SOLD tag on it already. Of course we had to get a photo of our car and its twin nose to nose - I'll try to post it here later.

Apparently they can't keep the cubes in the showroom long enough, the manager sold two in one afternoon a little while back.

That said, I've still not seen another on the road here...
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Congrats on the new Cube from a fellow Illinoisan!

I'm down in the Bloomington/Normal area. :)

Post up pix when you get a chance!
congrats on the new purchase! don't forget to post up pics! as long as your dealer makes it right and you feel good about the purchase, it's all good.
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