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New Cube-Road Test and Impressions...?? ????

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Hi Folks,

Good old reliable Woody of "The Car Nerds.Com" has made a nice contribution for this month on Nissan Cube Life.
Please see below and grab a Japanese translator. The videos are a little dry, but you kind of get the idea of what the story is about and some nice views of Yokohama.


And now with something more upbeat: Rider Video for the mod fans:

What do you think?
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????? (^o^ ) <3
Anime Gee said:
????? (^o^ ) <3
What is so big, Anime?
it seems that guy didnt like the A pillar. I think he was saying it was to big.
Actually the commentator was quite surprise by the upright A-pillar and
the unique character of it, plus the front and side visibility is more than
he is use to. He thought this was part of the uniqueness of Cube.

Yes. The whole car looks tiny, but yet so big from the inside! Kinda like the ??? bB / Scion xB. (^_^ )
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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