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Hello all, although i have been a member on here for a few months. i used it primarily for reading posts. Now I am in a pickle.

I bought a 2009 cube with a bad cvt. I bought another cvt and swapped all the valve body into it and installed it in the engine. The car currently wont move. It is in limp mode but no codes come up. The idles just kind of jumps up and down never going over 2k.
I am no stranger to nissans as i drove an mr20 swapped versa and curently drive a sentra s. I like the simplicity of a 6 speed gearbox, but here is where some questions come into play.

Has it been done before?

What about the tcm and related wiring. how would that be changed over to manual trans.

Would i need the ecm coded for manual trans? Can nissans even do this?

The mechanical part is easy. i have the ability and resources to put a 6 speed in, but the electrical is the part that im a little wary of.

Let me know what you guys thinks. thanks and happy monday!
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