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PICKED UP MY CUSTOM ORDERED CUBE FULLY LOADED with all the toys and then some on 07/31/09...CA$h4Clunkers..thankyou for your gift of $4796.00..
Been working on buying a CUBE since early spring...For those of you interested I did all my research online...
The hold up was the CARS or Ca$h4clunkers :roll: act and trying to make sure I understood it etc ..
Making sure i got the proper salvage value for my clunker etc.
I've had an incredible journey buying this vehicle..I decided to buy this vehicle through the Internet..My brother owns a Lexus Dealership so Im car savvy for the most part to the tricks in the trade!

I started with 15 dealer in Maryland on the internet ... :eek: 8) ??? :roll: :p :-[ :-\ :sick: :yes: :no: ;D :D ;) :) :eek:
No incentives or loan incentives since its so new bank rates ran 4.34% or so..

I searched out each Nissan Dealers web site then looked for email to their Internet Sales Manager..HA guess what these folks have some homework to do ..Only one of 15 dealers had a email listed on their web sites. All had a window that opens for "contact us" but you can only write in a few words and you have no clue where its going?
So I had to call each dealer to ask for their Internet Sales Persons email ..Many dealers operators had no clue what or who that was??
Eventually I composed a list of 15 sent a gmail email to all with the exact vehicle request and the invoice cost broken out for each option and i requested a return email offer or bid broken out by option and total price etc..
1 dealer had a formatted form that they returned that listed the options with no prices and one final price...Many just sent half fast emails ..I guess no one thought I was a serious sale! I think many of the places don't have a dedicated net savvy sales person they have people that every so often when not selling on the the floor check email dealer had his wife answering emails ....even while on vacation!
Not one dealer would break down the cost of the vehicle by option and one final price...Several offered invoice if I would come to their dealership...after 2 weeks of being unable to locate a CUBE in dark grey fully loaded with all packages and wheels etc I started to worry Id have to order one and it would take 10 weeks...Then Ca$H4clunkers announced were outta Ca$H ! I started to worry even more so some quick decisions and change of colour scheme..

One final email round to all dealers asking for their final offer/bids on the vehicle regardless of what they had previously sent or not sent me..

I was able to locate Dealer holdback, dealer cost invoice price average selling price of vehicle in my zip and MSRP..I wanted to pay INVOICE only..I also found a great web site that sells only Nissan extended warranties at incredible prices The 6 yr 100,000 gold preferred Nissan locally dealers wanted $1705.00 this guy does high volume online and offers it at $680.00...12 months to pay 10% down and equal installments over next 11 months no interest ..WOW

Down to the final 2 ...Head to the dealer that gave me the professional quote that had a real dedicated Internet Sales Person ...WOW was I fooled got there and suddenly the truck was 3500.00 more ! That Sales Manager tried to convince me after i made 2 offers of Invoice only that no one had that vehicle! I wouldn't get one loaded like that...I showed him another dealers offer of Invoice and he went to that dealers inventory and came back with "well he doesn't have that color with those options" But you see I didn't want black ...having heard enough of his BS and him telling me he hates how other dealers lie and tell you they have one when they don't really bothers him..
He eventually told me he "didnt care what I said he wasnt selling me that truck at Invoice" :mad:I pulled out the trump card at that point His Internet sales persons quote which was 2500.00 cheaper then he was now quoting me..

The poor new sales guy ( just working for 4 months his first car sales job) who was working in place that day of the Internet sales gal looked at me and fell out He realized that it had been sent from the Gen Manager's email even ...He shows his boss and he tells me "well I didnt approve of that price" OH really??
In the meantime I got a call from the 2nd choice dealer in my town advising me "we can get you that same vehicle you want at invoice" ...I told them Id be by shortly
I agree with the GM no your not selling me this truck its obvious and well Im on my way now ...perhaps you should consider honoring your own quotes ! BTW I forgot to tell you in this black bag is a cash note for the price of that truck made out to your dealer for invoice bad you just lost a sale :( ...Change your mind call me..

I arrive at my second choice
;) local dealer walk in they pull papers and we review each option price and additional options and price all at invoice price and i sign over the clunker and they order it in from another dealer ..2 days it will arrive...
I show the dealer my research on the Ext warranty and ask if he wishes to offer to match the price .."NOPE thats way below cost" Okay no problem I say Ill buy it online and maybe Ill come here for service and maybe I wont ...
In goes the Sales Manager to his GM ..Out he comes Im going to offer you the exact gold preferred plan for 6 yr and 100,000 miles at same price do you want it? amazing is that ??? Sure why not ...After emails back n forth to this dealer since May 8, 2009 suddenly they want my business!

So home I go to clean out the 1991 :-[clunker...that cost me $1800.00 5 yrs ago...Next I get the Twitter updates on cash4clunkers web site and CARS web site ...the government may shut it down at 12mn ! OH Crap....So I buzz to the dealer the next day see my baby in the birthing room getting all cleaned up and I pray heavily that night...OBAMA yes he did say "share the wealth" did he not? :-\wheres my dam bail out? 07/31/09 I head in to make the switcheroo...I say nothing ...Then I ask if they entered my clunker info in the system on Wed and was i okay ..Yes Im told your good ......

Thank god my prayers where answered ..In meantime I had started to reconsider HONDA ( I already have an HOnda ELement EX ) Chrysler Already have a Grand Caravan and look even at Hundai...Forget Prirus too much $$ and well its settled now...
At 1400hrs I drive out in my new baby as the rain starts to pour ! Oh NO>>>>RAIN :no:>>>>on my new black baby !

Monday this week I get 2 follow up emails from the 1st dealer ...Wed like to thank you for coming by :roll: ..if there is anything we can do please tell us ...
I carefully craft a email in return the internet sales gal apologizing that her boss screwed her over ..and I decide to make it another Obama "Teaching moment" by giving her a well crafted for quality assurance purposes my customer feedback on my experience at their dealership...ending it with Im so sorry I came cash in hand that your GM undervalued Folks like myself (a medical practitioner with no time on my hands to run around) that use the internet for purchasing many things these days....
Oh and btw heres a picture of my new CUBE SL Loaded that took possession of on 07/31/09 for invoice price of blah blah.. :yes:please feel free to pass this onto your GM !!

Id be more then happy to share prices or anything I can with anyone wishing help I swear I took out a tree printing the ca$h4clunkers act out and all kinds of other info on warranty's pricing ect ....

Cheers ;) to my NISMOCUBE !

4 Sites I recommend using as resources if your making a new purchase of a CUBE

A) Use this site to obtain by your zip code...Dealer Cost, Factory Invoice, Avg Selling Price and MSRP Price

B) Use this site to get the best prices Ive seen yet on NISSAN Warranties...

C) Use this site to learn what the Manufacturers Holdback is on Nissan Dealers

D) Use this site for the best prices on Outdoor Custom made truck covers


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congrats on the savvy purchase man! great looking pics! welcome to the club! is that an SL with the ginormous pkg?
SL with ;)1) SL Preferred Package, :roll:2) G'normous Package :yes:3) Interior Designer Package :D4)Rear Cargo Organizer :yes:5) 16" Gun Metal Grey Wheels

What part of MD are you in? Which dealer did you use?

G'morning Dink

Where you looking for this info for a specific reason? Im asking so that I can guide you to the best person place ect
Where you looking for ext warranty info? price? service? salesman or ?

Let me know
I am also from MD just curious where you were from. Have not seen many Cubes out and about yet. I am just outside of Frederick, MD.

...well you have to admit the damn little thing is gorgeous!! ;D
...and such great pics, by the way!! (still gorgeous, regardless)
Great Story......the picture looks like you are from Annapolis.....I too live in Maryland and purchased Cubby from Sheehy in Annapolis.....started out at the Glen Burnie Sheehy, nice salesman there but someone looking over his shoulder didn't advise him well and they lost the, went over to Annapolis and were treated incredibly well....ask for Doug.....not a pushy guy, lots of fun, treated us nicely.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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