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New cube in Richmond, VA!

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Just picked up my Cube this Friday (after much haggling). Seems that with all the "Cash for Clunkers" deals flying around, dealers aren't as keen to work with a buyer anymore. But at least I got a decent deal on an S model in Chrome Silver with a sweet upgrade package.

This sweet little car has one of the best rides I've had in ages and man, it's so much fun to drive!
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nice :yes: and welcome! is yours a manual or cvt?
It's a CVT. I'm embarassed to say that I don't know how to drive a stick :-[
The single transmission and it's seamless shifting is just plain amazing!
Can't wait to see you on the road. I am in Richmond VA as well and I have not yet seen another cube on the Richmond streets yet.

I wasn't able to haggle much at all. I was told that there was very little mark up.

I had a good deal of cash fall from the sky that I had to pay toward a new car so I wasn't too worried about negotiating.

A drunk hit and run my clunker a week before the cash for clunkers. That gave me an additional $3000.00 above and beyond the $4500.00 cash for clunkers program.

I got mine from Victory Nissan with a lifetime drivetrain warranty, lifetime oil changes and life time inspections.

I have been searching the internet for options, but I have mostly not found many other then the basic nissan items that I frankly am not that interested in. I think the one option I am mostly interested in is the shag carpet.

I have a manual drive (base package with wheel well guards and the carpet package). I think the automatice may have been a better choice, but having cash on hand now was more important to me with the reduced price also driving stick is damn fun.
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lol, Chuck. I, too, got mine from Victory. I got the same "very little mark-up" spiel. My first trip to the dealership ended with this older guy in a straw hat refusing to work at all with me. Then, over the phone, i worked with a MUCH better salesman named Anthony who worked with his GM to knock off about $1500 or so.

Victory's oil change and warranty stuff was a huge draw to me as well. Now that you mention the shag carpet thing, what is the purpose of it? I feel like I need to get a mini vacuum for it, lol.

post some pics please! :)

lmk if the mirror works out
Welcome! CVT is actually the better choice in my opinion, and it gets better MPG!
none said:
Welcome! CVT is actually the better choice in my opinion, and it gets better MPG!
from what i've read on this forum, people with 6-speeds have been getting just as good gas mileage as those with CVTs ;) it all depends on how you drive, really. in my opinion, if you can drive a manual already (or want to learn how to drive one), there's no reason not to get one unless you drive in heavy traffic every day.
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