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New Cube in Ohio

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My local Nissan dealer let me take a 3 hour test-drive on Memorial Day. I drove it from noon to 3pm. By 6pm it was mine! Super black 1.8S with the interior lights and the cargo organizer. Wanted the 6-speed MT, but the dealer (and my wife) convinced me that CVT was the way to go. Not sure if I'm the first in Ohio, but I am definitely the first in the Youngstown area. Traded in a 6-year-old Sentra with 147000 miles on it.

I love my Cube! I originally had my heart set on a Soul, but seeing one in person and test driving it made me think otherwise. One ride in the Cube, and I knew I'd own one in a matter of days.

Pictures will be forthcoming.
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Great to have you here, I think you'll be very happy with your Cube!

That is awesome they let you take that long test drive! ;D

I was going to get a Soul as well, but when I saw the Cube, I knew it was the car for me.

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