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New Cube Fanatic

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Hey everyone... got turned onto the forum by the guys at, and took part in last weekend's trek to the Scottsdale Pavillions with ten Cubes... then instantly fell in love with the little geometric wonder.

I'm a hot rod and custom car designer (and web/graphic designer, too!), and have begun working up a series of concepts based on the Cube... and am working tto put one in my garage, too... That said, looking forward to being part of the crowd here... looks like it's off to a great start!
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Welcome aboard! Love your render of the "Surf-3" and looking forward to seeing some more of your work.
Thank you! I'm working up a series of custom Cubes... There will be many more to come!
Thanks again for the welcome and kind words!
Yes, welcome! Looking forward to seeing more of your work. :yes:
welcome to the club! excited to see what you do to yours!
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