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Need Opinions - Wheel Replacement

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Was looking to get rid of the dreaded S caps and actually like the look of the OEM wheels (can't believe I didn't work a set into the deal)...

I actually like the 15 inch wheels with the taller tires - little better ride (no spring chicken anymore)...

Have been looking at these Rial Como's - but wanted some opinions.

Also, can I actually "swap" the TPMS over as TireRack states??? Any issue using my stock tires - after all, they are only a week old - ;D

Also - any concern with the 42 offset?


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If the wheels are sold on TireRack, you'll be fine. They test fit the wheels to make sure that customers like yourself won't run into any fitment issues.
Where are you located? I might be selling my rims & tires.
the wheels you're looking at on tire-rack are the same dimensions of the stock steels on the Cube.

you'd easily be able to remove the tires and tpms sensors from your stocks and have them installed on those wheels. any wheel/tire shop could do this, plus mount and balance, for you at around $15-$20 per tire.

no worries with the 42 offset either. they'd fit perfect and nearly match the OEM alloys :)
Thank you!!! I anticipated that to be the case - but wanted to ensure...

I wasn't familiar with the offset - when I was a lot younger and customizing cars - we didn't worry about offsets - it was more of a "are they solid and will hold up to all this HP and torque at the drag strip" - LOL showing my age...
i really love my upgraded oem alloys. i have the silver version, but the gunmetal version is also very cool. however, i still don't know why they cost an extra $790 from the standard alloy wheels that came with my sl package. it would make sense if you bought a base model. i found a few dealerships on ebay selling the upgraded oem alloys for only $580, compared to the list price of $790! check it out:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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