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My Pearl White Cube SL

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Here's a pic of my Cube SL i got last week


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very nice! it was between this color and my black..i chose black..but i still love the white! congrats!
sweet! are those 15" or 16" wheels?

Welcome to the club! 8)
Nice Cube! Pearl white was my second choice in color.
If I had gotten the pearl white, I would have gone with a Stormtrooper theme on it, rather than the Willy's Jeep theme I did.
Hope you enjoy your Cube!
Pearl White looks so good. It makes picking between this, Moss Green, & Steel Gray much harder! ('o' ) ?!?
I was SO sure I wanted a dark gray metallic car.. Then I test drove a white cube. It was between white, steel gray, and silver for about 3 days of nerve wracking decision making...

... until I realized the Pearl White SL looked like some kind of 2001 space pod, AND would make one hell of a cool Ecto-Mobile around Halloween time with a few Ghostbusters vinyl stickers :)
congrats on the white! this was my first choice until i saw the blue in person. cool cube! can't wait to see what you do to it!
Agreed, Nice 8)

As in your pic you cant really see the pearl in the photos.

I too got the pearl SL. I plan on pulling the stock rims and polishing them as I did my stock FIT wheels. I lowered my FIT but dont know that I will lower the CUBE. I love the radio swap in another post, but the stock in the SL is sweet to the ears. I swapped the dome light and map lights for LED right off as those got HOT and will yellow the cheap plastic quick.

The brilliant white looks neat at night too coming from a brilliant white car.
Thanks for the comments
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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