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"My" new Moss Green SL

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I say "my" because I bought it for my SO late-July. We both first saw it on the lot and said "What the he!! is that ugly thing?!". Fifteen minutes later a test drive was in order, and 15 minutes after that she knew she had to have one. She threw the specs at me (must be Moss Green in SL!), so I threw in the preferred package as a requirement (she needs that rear sonar!), and off we went searching for those specs. And filling that order wasn't easy, I can tell you that. Very few greenies out there to be had, but in the end I found one about 140 miles away for invoice. I've never seen another cube on the road, but last week she pulled into the grocery store only to have another green pull in right next to her... the other woman had just picked hers up a few days ago.

She's having a blast with it, and rarely lets me drive (didn't I pay for the darn thing?), but what came next brought tears to my eyes... she asked if I would pimp it out for her <sniff sniff>. I'm getting misty just thinking about it ;) Looks like a CAI will be the first mod, but she has already requested a custom design of my animated brakelights I made for my S2000. Here's a video of one of the possible animations:
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Of course, she wants me to add lights all around, but the brakelights were her first and immediate request. How could you not love a woman like that?! I'm looking at ordering a 2010 370Z roadster for myself, and if that happens the S2000 may go bye bye (why have two convertibles).

Anyway, 'hi' to everyone, and hoping to see a few of you on the road. I remember when the S2000 first came in, I could go months without seeing another one (and this was when I lived in Boston!)... looks like the Cube is going to be that way for a while.
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none said:
I agree that the Z should replace the s2k ;)
Now them's fightin' words!

I have put a lot of time, energy, and (especially) money into the S... full Veilside bodykit molded into the frame (not just glued on with tape), 10+ coat candy paint, suspension, braces, full I/H/E replacement, all of my lighting components, etcetera, etcetera. It drives like a dream, but it is 10+ years old now, and I'm at a crossroads... sleeve the block and turbo it (which includes finding a way around MD's smog check, not fun), or get something with more grunt to begin with. The 370Z fits the bill nicely, I believe. I hate to say it, but I need to go automatic this time around. I'm spending too much time in traffic for my daily commute and the ol' clutch leg ain't what it used to be. So, if I get rid of the S, start with a blank slate on the Z and keep the mods to a (relative) minimum, I think I'll do better in the long run. I was all set to purchase a base model with the sport package, but the SO turned up the side of her mouth. Damn dealer slapped down a pic of the upcoming roadster in black cherry, she pointed to the catalog, and smiled. No need for two convertibles, so here I am...
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JHcube said:
I am pretty pissed a semi must have kicked up a small rock because I already have a chip in the paint on the front bumper :sick:
Yeah, I noticed the same thing just a few days after getting ours. It has never happened this fast on any other car I've owned, so maybe the Cube is magnetic...
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