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My last post - Financing

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I just want to clarify something here.

I'm not slamming the dealership I bought my cube from (Daytona Beach Nissan).

They are not a bad dealership to deal with, but like most dealerships you need to be aware of every term and condition you're agreeing to.

All in all I really do like Daytona Beach Nissan and they have a good staff. My salesman Gary Malloy was IMHO a very straight shooter and treated me right. The finance department like at most dealerships bear watching.

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I'm sad to see threads like this. My personal experience with both the sales team AND the finance people at the Dealership where I bought mine (Zimbrick on the eastside of Madison - shoutout to John and Mike) was great. John, the sales guy, was totally no pressure straight forward and all that. Mike (we called him "Mike the Magic Money Man") just crunched the numbers and made it work for us. OR maybe we just caught the finance man on a good day. ;)
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