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I am also a tracfone customer (that means I'm not a cell phone "power user" :D). The 176 is the only bluetooth model from them that is available for my area code. Since it wasn't listed with Nissan and I needed to replace two phones, I was very hesitant to purchase. Thanks to your post I bit the bullet and got them. Now both me and the wife can utilize the bluetooth capability of the Cube's RF sound system. :)

Following both the instructions for the phone and Cube, the pairing and imputing of names and phone numbers was easy. The voice recognition works well so I didn't have to go into the learn voice/accent teaching mode. Initial tests to home rated the sound quality better than other folks we know who use their car systems to call us on a regular basis. Theirs tend to sound very tinny or way-down-the-hall kind of quality.

A couple of interesting things I've found while using it so far: you can use "redial" as a voice command/prompt. I must have missed that in the manual as I don't recall seeing. Next: using the steering wheel audio controls, I have found raising it to MAX works best for both in/out cell levels. The really, really cool thing about this is after "hanging up", the radio returns to its previous dB level before the call. If it stayed at MAX, you'd chance damaging the sound system, your ears, or startling the driver into a possible accident. Nice touch Nissan.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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