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I see some of you have mudflaps? I don't see them listed as an option for the cube anywhere. Did your dealer install them? Just curious do they actually help to keep dirt off your car? I've got dirt on the cube that is obviously being thrown up by the tires. But I'm worried about how they'd be in snow.
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Marilynfan said:
Thanks Hana. Do you think they make a difference as far as keeping dirt off your cube or are they more for show?
They definitely keep the dirt down, you can see the dirt on the flap that would be on the body. Especially from turns wile the outer edge of the tire is outside the wheel well. I did not want these at first but I am sooo glad I have them.

They are not listed in the brochure here either nor can you find a photo from Nissan, at least not last time I looked.

mine were factory installed not dealer installed.
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