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Hello all

Been browsing for a while to see what mods a few of the members are doing, although the latest model you have is a bit different to the model I have it's still interesting to see what owners are doing.

Spec of my car is as follows...

Lowered 45mm on Eibach Sportline lowering springs.
17” x 7” RS JK4 Alloy wheels with 205/40/17 tyres.
Smoothed front bumper.
Front number plated mounted on grill.
Windows behind B pillar Limo tinted.
Tailgate “cube” badge removed.
Tailgate “Nissan” badge replaced with Transformers Autobot badge.

Dancing Jesus dashboard figure.
Gloss black Richbrook tax disc holder.

Pioneer DEH-P77MP head unit.
DLS A6 amplifier in stealth false floor boot install.
Crystal CMP8 8” sub under driver seat.
DLS A3 amplifier in stealth false floor boot install.
Kef Uni-q 160 set in front doors.
Battery upgraded to calcium battery for Nissan X-Trail 2.5 litre Diesel.
Autoleads 0 Gauge cabling to amplifiers
Battery earth cable upgraded to 0 Gauge.

And some pics...


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Thanks for the comments. :)

I don't have any side profile photos since I lowered it I'm afraid and the only interior shots are in progress photos with it in pieces. I need to take some more photos of it to add to this post.

It's a 2005 model.

I bought the autobot badge from this ebay seller -

It says to UK only but they may post to US if you ask.

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MMMMmmmmm..... Rear passenger armrest and huge front seat armrest..... Oh the things they coulda kept the same..

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Just thought I'd post a few updates of some work I've done lately. Hope you like. :)

I made a rollerblind out of an anime banner...

And fitted it in the cube...

Thought I'd clean up the front end a little and fit some LED side lights ...

Before -

Sidelight LED strips and headlight tinted film fitted -

Sidelights on -

Lights off -

I cut up a standard grill, fitted trim strip, mesh, and part painted tinted indicator lights tints and ended up with this -

And the complete front end -

My attention is now going to the following...

I've currently got a 10 metre roll of black vinyl and 5 litres of glue in my spare room.

Over the next month that will be used to cover every interior panel that's currently mid grey and then I'll be fitting this little lot (they've all been sprayed in pearl white)

Standard parts resprayed -

As purchased -

Resprayed -

Once that has been done I'll be going for a seat cover set in black vinyl tailored for the BZ11 cubes (As good as a retrim for much less £££s)

And then I'll probably leave it at that, maybe, for now. :D

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Great mods and all tastefully done. Loving the blacked out front grill which really pops off the pearl white.

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Hi folks

It's been ages since I posted on here, to be honest this site went completely off my radar until
some googling reminded me.

The car has changed pretty drastically since my last post.

If you search Fresh&Minty on facebook you can see a full history of previous updates on my page - feel free to Like it and comment. ;)

I thought I'd share my latest work - jump straight to the bottom if you bore easily or even if you rarely get bored, this time you might. ;)


After a few e-mails back and forth (originally in spring 2010) I visited Ray at Rayvern to find out first hand how everything works, the options available and also so he could take measurements and give me an idea on how low it could go.

After this visit I realised I'd need to move the amps to make way for the tank etc.

Now we have an empty boot I made a sketch plan for where to put the tank / compressor -

26/02/11 -

Next thing to do was for me to remove my standard strut and spring to send to Ray at Rayvern so he could use it as a basis to make a custom strut to fit the cube. As the cube is my only car I couldn't be without it so after advice from other guys on here I bought a standard K12 micra strut and spring to fit to the car whilst my cube strut and spring were with Ray.

Here's a photo of the standard strut and the K12 Micra strut alongside -

Another thing I needed to ensure was that the suspension turret was big enough to fit the air bags - they're 5.75" diameter so a 6" diameter turret is needed to make sure no stones get wedged in between body and bag -

All good. 8)

While I was at it I measured the gap between the two bolts on the front strut - 52mm. This is completely unrelated to air ride but during my research I also looked into coilovers and I'm 98% sure that coilovers for a Renault Clio with 52mm struts will fit the cube. I'm trying to get a scrap strut from the right model clio that might help someone looking for coilovers.

13/04/11 -

Next job for me was to sort out where to put the air pressure gauges, I designed a new template for a dash panel in Microsoft Paint and sent it to Mike at Ferriday engineering to fabricate in 1mm aluminium. (I'd sold my car PC at some point to raise funds towards the air ride and didn't have a monitor in the dash any more so made sense to have the dials there)

Here it is -

Scuffed up -

Stuck to block of wood to move it around -

Cleaned it up -

Dried off with a heat gun -

Halfords paint, you can probably get better paint elsewhere for less but halfords is easy to get to and I've had good results with it in the past for small jobs like this -

Primered -

Had to left it overnight to dry so removed the residue of the sticky pads from the old dash panel with white spirits.

Before -

After -

Next evening, wet and dry down the primer -

And a few coats in the matt black -

Test fit against dash -

No more nails is your friend -

16/04/11 -

Now that's my work out of the way and over to Rayvern to drop her off.

I did look into self-fitting the kit but I decided if I was going for it I wanted it done properly by someone who does it day in day out.

Plus if the nightmare I had hacking at rusty bolts to swap one strut over was anything to go by I wanted to steer well clear of having to do it all over again on the other side not to mention the tank / compressor / valves / dials / wiring / hoses / etc.

My front struts all made up, you can see the original bearing on the left of the photo which needs to be re-used, the struts are made using avo adjustable damping struts so the stiffness can be adjusted in minutes too.

At the station waiting to get back home -

22/04/11 -

Magical day has arrived which is full of a mixture of excitement and nerves and not to mention another train journey.

After everything has been run through with me and I've had a test drive and a play with different heights it's time to head home.

Dropped by for petrol -

And after a long Easter weekend of chilling and DIY I've had chance to give her a quick wash and take some photos (albeit I forgot to take photos of dials in place and boot, will post those up soon)

26/04/11 -

Now onto my different height settings -

For Speedbumps and lanes > Approximately 4PSI Front and 5PSI Rear -

For driving on normal roads / motorways > 2PSI Front and Rear -

And parked up -

If a picture paints a thousand words then a video must paint a million -

I'm really pleased, not only with the look when it's parked but also the look for normal every day driving is still lower than the Eibach springs and the drive quality is better than I expected too.

It's on the softest setting at the moment which gives a nice bouncy feel over bumps, I might try to go stiffer to see what effect it has.

Hope you're still awake. :D

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Nice looking Cube!!!! ;)
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