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Has anybody received the questionnaire from an outfit calling themselves...

Maritz Research??? A survey on behalf of Nissan and the CUBE.

I received one with a C$2 cheque to entice me to fill it out.
Dig deal for an hour or mores work.
I wonder what they are charging Nissan for the survey??
It had a serial reference number and the the fact I had bought a CUBE.
I started on it [sucker for money] and got fed up with it all after wasting an hour at it.
So much nonsense.
Then finally they wanted all details of trade in etc and the clincher was on the last whole page they wanted
ALL you personal financial information. :eek:
This is the stage when I drew the line. :mad:
This to my mind is none of their bloody business. :no:
They can get knotted as far as I am concerned. :mad:
Also they can shove their two dollars which would be about US$1.75!!! :mad:
I will not cash or send in the questionnaire/survey.Sod 'em :mad:

Feel better now I got it off my chest :yes:
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whtbst said:
Maritz manages Nissan's consumer data, fulfills their product brochures, etc.
Maybe they do but they do NOT have the right to ask me about all my personal financial details.
It is not their [Maritz] business at all.
I am sure Nissan Finance has my details anyway.
I will not give them to a third party like the Maritz who's name tells me a lot.
Good luck to them and Nissan in their endeavours but I will not respond.
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