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Lowered Cube on 18's

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Got my rims put on... 18-8 +40 offset rims with 215/40/18 with megan lowering springs will post better pics soon just wanted to get one on... now on to my Mona Vie Emv energy drink full wrap next
(thats why i painted the blue on the rims to match the wrap that is coming )

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More pics of ride height; how much lower are you? (taking the rims into consideration as well).

What is the advertise lowering height of the spring? 1.25? 1.75?
Xpressionz said:
What is the advertise lowering height of the spring? 1.25? 1.75?
Lowers the car:
Front: 2 inches
Rear: 1.75 inches

Twisted: Lookin sharp! No caps on the wheels? Any rubbing issues with the 18s and a full load? Post up more awesome shots when you can!
very nice! are they just about flush with the fenders? how bout a rear shot? can't wait to see it with the wrap! i'm sure you're gettin a ton of looks now!
I'm getting my caps done right now with our blue mona vie logo and no rubbing turning or over bumps....... here is one more pic... ( with my phone )

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I will get a pic from the back for you.... they are in alittle.. almost flush........ ya i cant wait to do my wrap.... it does get tons of looks.. but you should know that you get them too....
can you plz get some more pictures of your wheel gap?
ooh and a shot of the side fender to see how flush it is. ty
hows the ride?
wife just bought a Sage SL and i have an Element with Ground COntrol Coilovers/18's and it rides fairly rough...
she won't go for a rough ride.... ;D
its not rough.. its firm i like it.. looks better and drives better...... but its not to low.....
let's look at it this way- simply for a reference point-
say stock ride is 100 and soft. where is the ride lowered with a lowered number being firmer...
make sense?
65-70 ?
sounds about right for aftermarket springs. can't really have your cake and eat it too with lowering springs can you...
i like the more firm feel.. just handles better and turns better.... feels like a go cart ;D
mookie said:
trust me- the new WILL wear off...
you make no sense.
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