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Love the Cube! How easy to come by repacement parts?

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We're thinking about buying a Cube but are pondering about the availability of replacements parts for servicing and accident damage. Has anyone had any good/bad experience with parts being shipped from Japan or is there a special place in the UK who has the full range of Cube bits & pieces?!

Scared to buy a car that can't be taken care of easily by local garage. But REALLY would like one!
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Depends.................if you were to import one now you could run into problems as dealerships would not be any help. Once the car goes on sale in the U.S. the parts will be just as easily obtained as other cars sold here. Also, if it is anything like the Scion and other Japanese cars there will be a crapload of aftermarket parts and hop-up stuff available.
Many people will take a base car and make it their own via customization. The rest of us will probably just settle for some nice wheels and maybe a fart cannon ;D Are you in the UK? If so, probably be the same. You can find parts for anything if you're willing to pay the price and have them imported.
It's sounds like you are in the UK? If you can wait until the spring of next year, you can get the next generation Cube as there have been some news that it will be available in Europe as well. Don't know how much importing costs would be for you in the UK, but that's something to consider for purchasing a Cube soon versus next year.

Like Starbuck mentioned, once the Cube becomes widely available worldwide, you shouldn't have any problems getting replacement or custom parts and they would likely be cheaper as there will be more of a supply versus demand.
Welcome to the community Pastybird!

If you decide to purchase a Cube before the rest of us can get our hands on one, hopefully you can share some info of your new ride with us. :)
Thanks for the feedback - yes I'm in the UK and after I posted thought this site's probably elsewhere! Think I'll buy an import anyway as the rumours about Nissan bringing the Cube to the UK might be unfounded. Heard could be 2-4 yrs away. Good luck with yours! ;D
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