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Can anyone tell me what this noise is? It doesn’t happen all the time. It sounds like it’s coming from the left side under the hood? In the last couple months these are the things that have been fixed: front brakes (pads, rotors, bearings), 4 new tires, alignment, replaced catalytic converter, O2 sensor, air fuel ratio sensor, exhaust gasket, bearing seal, oil change, loose spare tire in mount in trunk tightened, smog check: passed.
I’ve had a mechanic check for anything loose underneath and found nothing. Did a full inspection found nothing. What is also strange is if a strong enough gust of wind blows by even with the car off and parked it will make the same sound just not as prolonged when driving on for a couple seconds. It starts around 30mph and stay at higher speeds or abruptly stops when I reach 50-60mph.

link below for rattle sound:
Nissan Cube rattle?
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