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Last Saturday I experienced my first problem with my 2012 Cube. I owned it for 2 1/2 years and it has 46K miles. Usually when it only takes a second of cranking before it starts. On Saturday it cranked over for around 30 seconds and then finally started. I drove it about 4 miles and started it twice without issue. I used to own a 2004 Nissan Altima 3.5 V6 and experienced this same issue and I fixed it by replacing the 2 Camshaft Position Sensors. The one on the front bank was easy to replace but the back one required more effort.

I knew this was the same issue on my cube. It didn't cause the check engine light to come on so other than the long cranking time there were no other symptoms once the engine started. I went to my local parts store (starts with an A rhymes with bone, not the Nissan Dealer) and picked up a new camshaft position sensor for $49.99 plus tax, minus my 10% veteran's discount. It only took me 20 minutes to replace. The only tools I needed were a 10mm socket, a short extension, a ratchet and a screw driver. To replace it requires removal of the engine cover (2, 10mm bolts), removal of the 1, 10mm bolt that attaches the sensor and removal of the connector from the sensor. The sensor is on the very top of the engine on the far right side (driver's side). There's a bracket that is somewhat in the way of getting the socket on the sensor bolt so I used the screw driver to pry it back. Once the sensor is replaced and the engine cover is back on, there is nothing left to do. I've started the engine well over 30 times since the repair and it starts within a second every time.

If you're a bit of a do it yourself type of person, I'd recommend doing this if you experience a long cranking start. I checked dealerships here in Phoenix and the camshaft position sensor goes for over $100. I'm sure if you let the dealer do the repair you'll probably leave $250 or more poorer.

I hope this helps anyone who encounters this problem. I didn't take pictures during the repair because I live in an apartment and I had to finish before management arrived for the day. They frown on car repairs other than changing a flat tire. I did take pictures of the bad sensor for identification purposes.

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