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I started out with the stocks lights but was very dim, then when hid's were popular I switched to those had them for a while I believe those cost me $70 and went thru 1 bulb change on those. Now I bought a set of led headlights from Amazon. I bought beamtech led headlights they had good reviews and the price was so good, only $40 out the door.

These are my observations on the advantages of the LED headlights

1. pure white light, like you see on BMW or high-end cars, (hids always had a bluish hue to them)

2. they run less hot than hids

3. The lights come on instantly no waiting few seconds to warm up like hids

4. Way smaller than hids, that ballast built into the LEDs vs having a separate ballast.

5. totally plug and play.

6. much brighter than hids and a crisp light.
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