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Leaky Rims

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So I found out why I have been having to inflate my tires every day. One of the rims I bought used has a manufacturer defect and slowly leaks air through the really really really tiny hole, ie microscopic. So I wasn't sure exactly what to do with out having to pay out the butt to repair it. So I went ahead and took of the wheel, sanded that spot down, and JB welded that shit! LOL, does anyone think this will work??
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I would recommend using "Fix-A-Flat" or the like non flammable latex tire repair. The biggest thing people do wrong with that stuff is drive to fast and not long enough to get a full even coating. This will seal the rim and or tire. Also consider a small pebble that got lodged between the rim and tire bead. If the tire ever went flat the tire can pick up a speck of a stone.

Pull the wheel and float in a plastic tub or the bathroom tub to find the leak.

After about a week of running the tire repair deflate the tire and re-inflate it back to the proper PSI.

Good Luck.
I agree JB Weld is awesome, so is Marine Tex, but we need to see the actual fix pics. You have to image the fix jacked the dark anodizing or paint and such.
The easy fix would have done you 100% unless the area is large, but you mentioned microscopic!
palaina.kawika said:
ChristineK said:
You have to image the fix jacked the dark anodizing or paint and such.
yeah i'm still scratching my head on this one. did you mean to write "imagine?"
Yup, Sorry! :(
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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