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Kissed my xB goodbye today

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It was a sad but happy day as I said good bye to my dark cherry '05 xB and drove off in a scarlet red Cube S. The Gen 1 xB was a great car, but 4 1/2 years of inner city driving had left their marks, and it was due for a PA safety inspection :D.

I didn't like 2nd gen xB (Toyota ruined a good idea) and I thought I was in love with KIA Soul, until I took it on a test drive. Being a die hard box man, I decided to take a look at the Cube. 1 hour later, I was driving it home. So help me, it those little snot nose kids in the hood hit it with their bikes, I am going to tie their shoe strings together, and toss them over a phone line, with the kids still in the shoes.
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