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K+N Filter (drop in)

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Will a Nissan Versa 1.8 air filter fit a cube? If so, getting a K&N Filter (drop in type) should be a piece of cake!
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I'm thinking a lot of the versa extras will fit on the cube. They seem to have a lot in common, especially when it comes to accessories.
Many Thanks!
May seagulls tremble in fear at the mere thought of your wax job!
What exactly is this K & N filter going to do for me? Better flow for better MPG? Better perfomance? Just curious.......
Well a K&N is reported to flow a bit better than the paper filter which should increase performance. They are servicable (they are a gauze filter impregnated with a filtering oil) the oil (along with the dirt) can be washed away and then they are reoiled. I have installed K&N's in most of my vehicles over the years both cars and motorcycles.
I have found that the drop -in K&N give a little more reving power, good for passing trucks! and I get 1-2 improvement in MPG. Best time to install is after the first oil change - you can feel the difference.
so any of you guys/gals actually put one in yet in yer Cube? any input? thx!
Yeah, I was looking at this on the Bean Garage thing tethered to this site. The description doesn't mention fuel economy, but it increases acceleration and ultimatly increases the "health" of your engine in the long run (or more rather allows it to have less wear&tear from using a regular filter). I was wondering do any of you all know or can explain it's impact on feul efficiency? Or is it more of a "well, depends on how you drive" type idea.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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