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just some predictions on what we will see

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New to the forum, but have been following the Cube for years now. Really excited that it is almost here. Also my family is all about nissan, used to have an Altima, now we are rockin' the Rogue. So yeah, we're not strangers to the brand. That said, I've lurked this forum some, as well as other sources and have come with a few predictions.

Engine: will NOT be the new 1.6
I know a lot of you are betting on the 1.6 that was recently introduced in the $9999 Versa as what will drive the Cube. I'd like to bet the other way, as in to say the Cube will most likely see the 1.8 from the Versa or the 2.0 from the Sentra. Like the most of you, I really hope they don't drop the 2.5 170hp from the Rogue/Altima2.5 in there..that would simply be too much.

Price: $15-6k, $17k for good stuff
I am guessing the Versa 1.6 is a test to see how versa will do as the loss leader in the line up. Of course it should perform well. What I am getting at is that they will move the Versa DOWN and the Cube will be plugged in to Versa's current spot (above Versa 1.6, but below Sentra).

As evident from the pictures, forget the bench seat. The shifter will be on the floor. The wrap-around window will remain (flipped sides?). I think in the top of the line package except traditional Nissan things like Intelligent Key, bluetooth, etc. Sunroof should also be available. I am hoping that at least they will make ABS as standard equipment and not a $400 option. I have a hard time seeing the e-AWD making it here... at least not right away, it might appear during a mid-cycle refresh, perhaps same time the Danki launches.

Fuel Econ:
I know this has been beat to hell, but along the lines of 27 city / 34 hwy would be reasonable.

I guess we'll know for sure next Wed. ;D

Also, I know the forum is fairly slow, but thats because its only ethusiasts who are long waiting for the car, we should see a good spike in traffic after its out there in the media, people will Google "nissan cube" and this website will show up.

on that note...any affiliation with ScionLife?
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Yeah, I am affiliated with ScionLife. I had 2 xb's. The last one was an RS 2.0. Yellow. Great car!!! Just got tired of fretting over it when anyone got too close and trying to keep it clean. Every bird around the neighborhood took turns crapping on the yellow paint. Seemed to attract them and every bug for miles around. For every foot I moved the car forwards, I had to clean off ten bugs!!! Neighborhood kids hit it with a football, and my stupid neighbor's little girl almost crashed into it with a battery powered riding toy when I was washing it. On and on................
It actually appreciated in value in two years, but I didn't get what it was worth when I tried to sell it. Matter of fact, not a nibble. Ended up taking it to CARMAX in VA and selling it to them. Sure hope they don't screw up the cube too much. Been watching for it for about 4 years now I guess. Don't like what I've seen on the web so far. Fingers crossed.
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I hope they give a bench seat option cause that is one of my likes of the cube
orangecones3 said:
Engine: will NOT be the new 1.6
Price: $15-6k, $17k for good stuff
Fuel Econ:
I know this has been beat to hell, but along the lines of 27 city / 34 hwy would be reasonable.
Engine, Fuel Econ:
Do you know that the 1.8L Versa wagon gets 26/31 (same as the old-style (1.5L) xB; interesting, given the versa is more rounded)?? What hope would a 1.8L box have of getting 27/34? Cube WILL have the 1.6L. I hope anyway. Because the pre-marketing of it included MPG and because I think they've got to keep some of its essence in it, even though it's coming to America. Even you believe in the Cube's MPG-goodness. Well, they can't get that if they don't crack down on the engine. They did that with the release of this US market 1.6L.

Do you know where in a vertigo-inducing recession? At the most, the base model will be 13K$.
well, looks like I was (kinda) right. They went with teh 1.5L (Jp and Euro markets maybe?), but, they certainly did take it UP MARKET. At least a straight convertion from Yen, we are looking @ $19k for a e-AWD model.... then again maybe it will be cheaper in US... aren't cars usually cheaper here than elsewhere so a currency convention only gives you estimates?
Hi Folks!
gotta little secret - I just recieved th In-Dealership Launch training guide for the Nissan Cube!
Heres the vitals:
1.8 [email protected]
127lbs of torque @ 4800 rpm
24/29mpg for the manual 6speed
28/30 for theXtronic CVT
33.4 foot turning circle
fuel capcity (gal) 13.2
11.4 cubic feet behind the seats
58.1 cubic ft seats down
more later.
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sweet thanks for the info tubacube. and welcome all to the site.
The official website

states the cube is starting at $13,990
the model shown in the picture is $16,790
It's good to be aboard!
More info:
Ginormous pkg - $2550.00 Areo kit- 20 color lighting-Illuminated kick plates4piece- Custom grill- Hood molding Accent - Chrome front Fascia accent - Cargo area protector -Trim applique (8 piece)

Cargo version - base only - deleteRear seat, delete rear head rests - delete rea armrests -
deleterear belts - deleteLATCH system. In other words a panel truck without the panels. special order only. no extra charge.

SL preferred pkg $1600 Nissan Intell. Key - Push button ignition - Steering wheel audio controls - leather st. wheel - fog lights - blue tooth hands free - Rear sonar - XM radio - Upgraded speakers - Rockford Fosgate Subwoofer (mounts in the hatch door!)
This just in:
the Krom pkg is available in Steel grey, Super Black, White Pearl and Bitter Chocolate.
also, the base 1.8 gets a black interior 1.8S and 1.8SL get a choice of gray cloth (two tone dash) or black cloth (mono tone dash) for that "Darth Vader" look.
No cubes in Gilroy Ca yet but should arrive tommorrow or the day after. Did get the brouchure. Sorry unable to post but lemme tell you it's THICK, great pix! And they are in NOW!
tubacube said:
SL preferred pkg $1600 Nissan Intell. Key - Push button ignition - Steering wheel audio controls - leather st. wheel - fog lights - blue tooth hands free - Rear sonar - XM radio - Upgraded speakers - Rockford Fosgate Subwoofer (mounts in the hatch door!)
It would be great if you could get the SL preffered package with the S w/manual.
Yeah..............sorta blew MY plans. What a damn stupid way to option a car !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mad:
its dumb that they dont want to sell the alloy wheels with the 6sp manual
The good news is you can piecemeal your accessorries as dealer installed - just get the stuff you like!
You can have the 6 speed trannie and whatever goodie you want - just check with parts to see what is available.
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