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Just bought my Krom Cube today!

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Hey there. Just got the Krom with every option available on it. Haven't actually seen it yet, as it has to ship in from another dealer. Test drove an S with the Ginormous package and thought it was great. Test drove a Kia Soul as well. Egad, those things are pretty cheap feeling and sounding. Man, I really can't wait to get my car. I'm in Jamestown, NY by the way.
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Congrats! :) You're gonna love it! ;D Which color did you get? My husband has the Steel Grey Krom.

Thank you. I've requested Black, but may end up with white. Not many available in my region.
congrats! post up pics when you've got it! woo haaa!!
Update: Picked up the beast on Friday at noon. Dealer drilled holes in the bumper for the front plate. Wasn't even smart enough to use the one that came with the car, just one of their generic ones. Can't change it now though, the holes are in the wrong place. Plate is off-center as well. Jackasses. Won't be noticed by Average Joe, but I'll see it every time. Let's see, also they detailed it, but not so well as to get off the adhesive from the film left on during shipping, and they must have used crappy rags to polish it as it's covered with swirl marks and "holograms". It's like they've never washed a car before. Unreal. Regardless, I'm a happy panda. It's a nice ride.


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d'oh :no: did you complain about those things? i definitely would have! i think you're at least entitled to a decent first wash and the option to use the plate holder you want, especially if you paid a dealer fee.
im with coolguy on this one.

i would have b and m'd until they did something. mistakes are understandable.. but to drill it off center is just plain dumb.

btw, WELCOME!! :yes:
This was honestly my best car buying experience so far. My last car, from the same dealer, was a much bigger pain with many lies and problems. I did mention the plate issue, and they attempted to explain that it looks better with this one, and it's too late now. It actually may look better with this bracket, but I'll never know. I'll get my time to be a pain shortly, as that ever important survey will be coming in the mail. My dealer stresses how important it is that they get all 5's. Not gonna happen. By the way, I didn't notice the adhesive or swirls so I didn't get to mention those.
are you serious? Those are some SERIOUS issues no matter how good your buying experience was, I am pretty laidback and forgiving but there is no excuse for what that dealer did to you BRAND NEW CAR!! To each his own I guess,

Oh yeah, My names Rick and I am a cubeaholic
Cubeaholic said:
are you serious? Those are some SERIOUS issues
Yeah, but what can be done? They have his money. Calling the general manager, Nissan & the BBB just seem to be a waste of time.
They can fill the holes and repaint the bumper :mad: I hate that crap
or get him a new bumper ??? but yeah, at this point they aren't really obligated to do anything, i guess, but it couldn't hurt to raise your voice a bit more or even report them to the BBB.
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