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Hi, I just want to try to give people as unbiased a viewpoint as I can manage regarding installing a lightweight crank pulley on your vehicle.

I purchased a lightweight within three months of purchasing my vehicle, and I wouldn't readily return to the OE crank pulley (though I still have it readily available). My personal experience was I installed the lightweight pulley specifically to pick up a boost in low RPM performance (spent considerable time on web research before doing it, I may add).

I'm satisfied with my purchase, but at the same time, I'm very much aware that the increase in engine noise genuinely struck me following installation (the OE NVH pulley directly reduces noise/vibration/harshness).

It's appropriate to recognize I was looking for a boost in low rpm performance (torque/acceleration) and I achieved exactly that. However, whereas many people appreciate and enjoy a nice quiet engine, some are willing to give that up in their quest for quasi-economical performance boosts.

My personal experience was that the increase in engine noise (NVH) can be balanced by an increase in engine sound from an SRI or CAI and also a catback or axle back exhaust. However, I'm obviously talking about an overall increase in engine associated noise, not a lessening.

If you are looking for a boost in pickup and don't mind a modest (though distinct) increase in engine noise, then a lightweight pulley might be for you. My concern is only that you recognize there is an increase in engine noise, and so if you like the quietness of the OE engine, this may not be a good move to make.
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