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Jonker Nissan, Langley, B.C.

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I've been notified by Jonker Nissan in Langley, B.C. of their availability:

Cube availability is a bit fuzzy we have some Cubes incoming but weather
or not we will get more is up to our District Sales Manager.

Cubes we have coming in are as follows:

D5RG19 AE00 JAC W- 1.8S CVT in Safari Green, Light Grey interior

D5RG59 AA00 KY0 G - 1.8S Manual in Chrome Silver, Black interior

D5SG19 AA00 L50 G - 1.8SL CVT in Espresso Bean, Black interior

D5SG19 CC00 K21 G - 1.8 SL CVT Tech in Platinum, Black interior

D5SG19 CC00 L50 G - 1.8 SL CVT Tech in Espresso Bean, Black interior

D5SG19 CC00 QX1 G - 1.8 SL CVT Tech in Glacier Pearl, Black interior
(This car most likely is spoken for already)

We are currently asking for 10 more Cubes mostly 1.8 SL CVT Tech's,
Nissan has only given us 3 more cars (all sold orders) since the first 6
and I don't think they are giving us many more. We expect to see our
cubes arrive on May 20th.

19505, Langley Bypass Surrey BC V3S 6K1
(604) 534 7957 [email protected]
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