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I did some googling to see if I could find the latest specs on the current Cube, and the latest one that I found looked like it was for the 2002 model. I did a little comparing with the latest specifications found on the <a href="">official Cube site</a> from the Nissan Japan website. There are quite a few differences, for example the major differences are the increase in power and torque. Since the official Cube site is in Japanese, it took some time, but I managed to translate it into English with the use of a software dictionary. ??? Whew! However, I didn't translate the specs for the Cubic.

This will give us a good idea of the current generation Japanese Cube. You can also check out the <a href="">official Cube site</a> for much more, if you don't mind the language barrier. We won't know what to expect from Nissan for the next generation Cube but this will be a good reference for comparisons when it is released. If there are some things that don't look like they are translated correctly, please let me know. :)

Here is the translated metric specifications:

The specifications that I converted into imperial numbers:
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