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This morning I received from friends in Osaka the dealer sales materials for the Japanese domestic market Cube.
The main brochure is of 40 pages 10 inches by 10inches listing everything conceivable and profusely illustrated and very well laid out.
Then there is the "Optional Parts" brochure of 28 pages also 10inx10in full of goodies that I bet will never be available here.
Now wiping off drool from chin!
Much prefer the single lid cargo container with lift out slots for hands at each end.It levels the floor nicely.
Much more sensible/practical that the 2 compartment velcroed in unit offered here.It not listed at all.What do they know that we don't!
Their gas consumption is listed as KM per LITRE [I am doing 15KM per Litre so far].We are Litre per 100K or MPG.
There was a 2 page brochure on the 15X/15X Four M Selection showing chocolate paint work.
Special Model?
Then there was a price list of options and optional parts.
All in a large Nissan white envelope.
"Shift the way you move CUBE"

PS. Forgot to mention in the brochure page 35 the were interesting production line views of the Oopama Plant.

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I'm on it =)

I'm already trying to scan in and maybe translate some of the info available over here....

Check this out:

"Everything Cube" catalog over here...alot less aftermarket than I thought but that will soon change! =)


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