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iTunes contest for June

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The contest will start now and will be for the month of June with the winner announced on July 1.

Because there are many members on here who do not yet have a Cube. The criteria will be for the member with the best avatar. The top three avatars will be chosen by Cube Life and the community with a draw deciding on the winner. If you like a member's avatar, let it be known here! This will help in deciding the top three avatars.

Good luck!
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We've decided to change the random contest for the month of June. Instead of a winner for the best avatar, we're going to have a draw for a member who has included an avatar to their profile.

We clued in that there is no such thing as a best avatar because we all like our avatars in our own way, so the contest for June was flawed to begin with! :D

Good luck!
Congratulations to Revan, the iTunes contest winner for June! ;D
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