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I was just cruising fleabay and seen someone selling toaster stickers for the cube.

The nickname "Toaster" is already used for the Scion xB. Think about it. Scion calls their box on wheels an xB, so the nickname "Toaster" is fitting.

But when Nissan released their box on wheels they aptly named it the "CUBE".

Why would anyone want to re-name a square vehicle that already has a square name something else that's square.

Damit, my cube is a cube and nothing else. I LOVE the name "CUBE" and refuse to call it anything else. And I refuse to let my Nissan Cube's identity get swallowed up by what has been traditionally referred to as a Scion.

My grandson calls it "Squarepants" but that's OK cause it's a personal kinda thing. Many others have also given their cube a personal nickname which is acceptable. But the car is still a cube....not a "TOASTER". - Dan
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For those of you who own a Toaster please don't take offense. I love the Toaster.

But the cube is not a Toaster and it has it's own identity. Scions are great cars and so is Nissan. But we need to let the world know there is a difference. The Scion xB IS and always will be the Toaster, and the cube is the CUBE and whatever personal nickname you've given yours...LOL

It just gripes me to see vendors who most likely know the Scion is called a Toaster. Then Nissan releases the cube and these unscrupulous vendors create Toaster decals for the cube. Seems some will do anything for the almighty dollar. - Dan
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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