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What color is your cubes interior?

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Interior color choice?

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Just curious what people prefer.
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While I like the light grey dash wave, I do prefer the rest of the interior to be brown (or "black"). Easier to keep clean :)
Ha! This was our one non-negotiable--we have a large brown dog that sheds like crazy, and I knew there was no way I was keeping the light interior clean.

Wouldn't you know, though, that she's now graying? And I didn't really notice until I started seeing those gray/white hairs...on the new black interior. :roll:
my old car had a light grey interior, stains! (have a dog) this time i got the dark interior, now it's dust, lint . either way you will see something :( so get what you want and don't worry about it :) enjoy :yes:
i love black cars but will never buy one again, dirt...too lazy to wash my car all the time :roll:
is it just me or is the "light gray" more like a beige or sand color? i see more beige/sand in my interior than i do gray.
Light grey is really beige/sand color. I love the beige/black dash board contrast. The black/dark grey dash is too close that it may as well be all black.

I applied three cans of 3M Scotchgard Auto to the seats. Hopefully that will keep them new looking a bit longer.

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I do like the contrast.

I might paint the dashboard's "wave" in my brown interior... still not sure if I have the guts (and not sure which color would go there).
i immediately fell in love with the light grey interior. i don't have kids or big pets (just guinea pigs and a lovebird), and i never eat or drink anything aside from water in my car, so i wasn't worried about stains.
I much prefer the grey/ almost two tone of the Krom interior. I wish it was available in the SL.
I put Wet Okole seat covers on the front. I have the back seat down all the time for the dogs and have that covered with a Costco dog blanket. I didn't want the grey interior, but they didn't have the dark interior at the dealer and as it was a Labor Day $500 off weekend I just bought the car color I wanted. I carry a lifesize gorilla in the front passenger seat so the seat cover protects the original covers from getting long black hairs on the seats. At least the gorilla doesn't complain about anything. Greatest passenger ever.
I have a male lifesize gorilla in my MINI. People love him.
Post up a picture of your cars with the gorilla in them ;D
I'll try to do it today after I get through a rush proofreading job and get a new puppy settled in.
Yes, a new puppy. She is a chihuahua/dachschund mix and gorgeous. She is only 13 weeks old and about 5 pounds. She has the markings of a Doberman, but smaller. My 4-1/2-year-old Doberman Henry died two weeks ago from cardiomyopathy. I miss him so much and don't want another broken heart from another Doberman as I've lost 7 others at ages 1-1/2, 2, 3, 4, 5-1/2, 6.... They were from the best breeders, but the breed has been so ruined over the years.
I'm getting the Greyhounds used to the new arrival. MOstly protecting her from being inadvertently hurt as they don't know their own size at times.
New pup for the Cube!
If I can get through my proofreading jobs I'll post a photo of the new baby. Still working on a name. She came from the Lucky Club here in Prescott. Her sister is still there, but you can't adopt two and I have 5 now.
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Starbuck said:
Why not name her Cubit? :yes:
Cubit said:
Starbuck said:
Why not name her Cubit? :yes:
let's start a poll ;D name that pup!!!!!!
Yeah, I mean she's gonna be riding in a Cube and she's just a little bitty thing == Cubit 8)
I love the polls. I was thinking along the lines of Cooper at one point cause I love my MINI Cooper, too. She is the girly girl of the pups and looks great in pink. She gets to ride in the Cube tomorrow for her first vet visit. One of my Greyhounds (the tripod pup) loves to sit in the Cube and look out the back window.
we need a pic before we can name her ;D i like cubit too.
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