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My Base Model Cube didn't have a cargo light which made it difficult to load and unload items in the cargo area. I found the genuine Nissan part pretty cheap so I decided to buy one and install it.

Cargo Lamp​

The whole install was pretty straight forward sine the lamp only needs ground and +12v. I'd say the most difficult part was making a cardboard template to precisely cut out the hole for mounting. I was able to use an Xacto knife to cut out the opening. The top of the lamp assembly has a flat spring clip that holds it in. This is the most critical measurement. I temporarily held the template in with silicone sealant that I let dry overnight. This easily came off after I cut out the opening.

I soldered on two 8 inch 18 gauge wires while the lamp assembly was out of the car. I then ran the wires behind the trim to the shock mount opening. I drilled a hole in the metal on the left and grounded the black wire. I then ran the red (12v) wire down behind the trim and out the bottom to the carpet. From there it was just a matter of running the red wire under the trim all the way to the front and under the dashboard. I used an Add-a-Circuit Fuse Tap Adapter to get power from the fuse box on the left side between the door and dash. The empty fuse slot I used had a constant 12 volts.

I replaced the incandescent bulb with a super bright LasFit LED bulb and now I have plenty of light in back with a flip of the switch.
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Hi what year is your cube? Where is the light located ? I have a 2010 Krom and I don’t have any cargo lights or see a recess for the light thanks for any info John
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