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ignition coils and spark plugs

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I just want to share my experience with everyone. I have a 2010 cube, it's a six-speed manual bought used with 33k miles on it.
When it hit 100k I changed the spark plugs and bought the iridium Denso plugs on eBay for like $25 for all 4. Oh what a mistake, never buy
spark plugs on eBay event ho they look like the real deal and came in the actual package and everything, I believe they were fake since I started having problems after like 10k miles.
Nissan cube OEM spark plugs are Denso Iridium, they last up to 120k. At auto zone, they're $17.99 each. I thought I was getting a deal. After doing research there
a lot of fakes on eBay which I believe I had gotten but if you compare they look like the real deal.

1. buy the Denso iridium spark plugs from a reputable shop even if you pay more get it from Autozone or pep boys, I wouldn't recommend amazon either since its a third party seller.
2. I recommend you change all spark plugs at once and change all the ignition coils at about 100K when your spark plug change is due.
3. The ignition coils by looking at them you can't tell if they're bad. After research, the OEM last about 100k.
4. Don't be cheap buy Hitachi or Denso or NGK ignition coils

I bought Hitachi ignition coils all made in japan, very reputable.
After I changed the spark plugs and coils the car drives amazing
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Thank you for this post. I'm at 46K on my 2012 Cube 6 speed. I keep my oil/filter change info in a ziplock bag in my clove box. I'm printing this out and putting it in the ziplock too. That way I'll be reminded every time I change my oil and filter.
As far as sourcing OEM or better aftermarket parts, my GO TO supplier is ROCKAUTO.COM, thus far no fakes and their pricing is hard to beat and more than makes up for them having to make you pay for shipping. After buying a Herko Knock Sensor from eBay for $18 which just duplicated the P0328 (High Voltage Output) code of the old Knock Sensor(KS), I ended up selecting the DELPHI AS10271 KS. But my goodness was I discouraged by what they were asking on eBay (between $84 to $195+shipping), Amazon for $77.06 and up. ROCKAUTO wanted a solid $66.79 + $5 shipping. Hitachi IGC0002 Ignition Coils were $38.79 each while all the usual suspects were $49 and above.

Now OEM spark we all know is Denso Iridium, Platinum (Atomic #78) is good but Iridium (Atomic #77) is better, well I went ahead and bit the bullet by opting for the latest and apparently, the best; NGK 97292 RUTHENIUM (Atomic #44) Spark Plugs. Its higher ignitability means a more thorough burn, less emissions, quicker throttle response, smother idle and better cold starts. What's not to love? Jeff Bezos wanted $13.84 per rendition, the Rock clocked below $9 asking for a cool and voluptuous $8.72 for each unit.

Now is it just me or do cars breakdown in inverse proportion to our available funds? When my 2009 Cube SL transmission died at 92,000 miles, my hands reached for the heavens when I read that 120,000 miles was the cut-off for a free tranny replacement. Just be sure to call ahead and have Nissan USA (1800-647-7261) on your side before calling the local Nissan dealer. When we're flush with cash it's upgrade time, that or we fix things that aren't broken, suddenly Michelins aren't good enough because nothing beats Pirelli P-Zeroes on your new set of Enkei rims. Therein lies the convoluted logic that made me get those $18 Knock Sensors, in other words, there is nothing speculative about the truths proclaimed by the Speculator. Nuff said, I second the motion!
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Interesting post, I upgraded my spark plugs with NGK Laser Iridium, but I buy most of my parts through, Summit Racing, especially since they guarantee to beat any competitor now. I have a CVT, but I want to swap for a 5 speed eventually.
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