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I got my cube yesterday!

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Yeah I did it! I made the tough decision to trade in my (paid for!) FiT and get a cube.

...And I am one happy camper 8)

I got a S package 6-speed Transmission. I also bought additionally the interior lighting package and 16-inch Krom Alloys which should get installed Monday or Tuesday. The color is Steel Gray but, eventually I'm gonna get a custom paint job on it. My current ideas are "Ice (cube)" or a "Rainmaker" storm motif (playing off of the current paint job. I went with the Gun-metal rims as opposed to the silver.

It's been raining here lately so I have'nt taken any sweet pics of it yet, but I'll get around to that.

Shag Carpet FTW!!!!!
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congrats! i saw one today at the dealership where i bought mine (finally got my license plates). they installed an aftermarket sunroof. it was pretty snazzy, but the ripples are now gone. i dunno if i like it w/o that design element. anyways...congrats again and POST UP SOME PICS! :)
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