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Hello Everyone!!!!

well, i'm one of the 500 finalists!!!! all i can say is that i have never been this giddy in my whole entire life!!!!! i've posted here before, but just in case... there's the blog i created: I even got a Cube inspired haircut!!!

Yes... i want a Cube THAT bad!!

now that i'm in the top 500, i need to get as many votes as possible in the most creative ways possible. so... i decided, why just Canada!?!?!? :)

If you have a sec, i would be so insanely grateful if you could vote for me at Just search for tswizz (that's me!!)

thanks for your time... and i hope to one day be in my own Cube!!!!

oh! here's a poster i made :)

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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