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How to post images to this forum:

There are two options of posting images on this forum. One method is to upload your image directly by attaching it to your post and the other is to upload it to an image hosting service like,, or any other free image hosting service. Using an image hosting service is prefered as this does not use up too much of the hosting bandwidth for this forum so please keep this in mind as you post images. Below are examples for both methods.

Method #1: Using an image hosting service.

We'll use ImageShack for the following example.

Step one:
At ImageShack, upload the image file by browsing for the file on your computer's hard drive. Resize it if necessary and click on the "host it!" button.

Step Two:
After clicking on the "host it!" button you will be taken to the next page that will include your image with many different kinds of links. Find the direct link url and copy it by using the normal copy method.

Step Three:
At click on the insert image icon in the post toolbar and the "img" tags will appear in the posting box.

Step Four:
Paste the direct link url for the image in between the "img" tags.

You can preview your post to see if your image loads properly before posting.

Method #2: Attaching an image file to

For this method please limit your image size to 800x600 pixels, again as this does not use up as much bandwidth as larger image files.

Step one:
In your post window there is an "Additional Options" link at the bottom. Click on it to reveal more options.

Step two:
Now you will see an "Attach:" option that shows you what kind of file types are accepted and the limits for your attachments.
Click the "Choose File" button.
A sub window will pop up. Browse through it to locate the file that you want to upload.
Select that file and click "Choose" or "OK".

Your file should now be attached to your post. You will not be able to preview your image with this method but it will show up when you post.

If done correctly, your image will now show up on your post. Follow the steps above and if you have any questions, ask away. Hopefully the community will help so that we can all increase our user experience on this site.
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