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Hello everyone!

New here and looking at getting a cube.

The one I want has been located by the dealer at another dealership, or atleast its close. I want the
bitter chocolat 1.8S with the standard transmission, and thats about it.

The one the dealer found is this:
BASE 14,690
interior design p 230
interior illumina 490
50 state emission 0
Freight Charge 720

Total 16,130

So the quote is 16,130, plus an estimate of $600 to have it shipped here.

How do you think I should handle this? There is only one cube on their lot, and its been there for a
while. I live in the midwest in a very conservative, small town and its really not a car people would drive around. The only cube that has been sold from that dealership to date was a special ordered one by a local doctor. And like I said the one they have in stock has been there for a while now.

The one they can get from another dealership says its been sitting on THEIR lot since 5/26/09.

What kind of offer should I make for this chocolat cube? I don't even want the extras it comes with,
and only wanted the 1.8S model because of the cruise control. Also, seems like $600 for shipping is alot, ontop of the freight charge, esp considering its a done deal and it won't sit on their lot.

Any ideas anyone?

I'd probably be using the cash for clunkers to knock 4500 off but not sure yet.

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The price doesn't sound bad, really and if you want to forgo the shipping charge, and the dealership isn't too far away to drive to, then it might be better to go pick it up.

The dealer by me has 2 bitter chocolate Cubes, one S and one SL. They seem to only get the bitter chocolates, but maybe they haven't sold the ones that they have gotten since they first came out.

I'm in central IL and didn't buy my Cube from them, I got it from a dealership about 50 miles away because they were willing to find what I wanted in a Cube.

Good luck with your decision!


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Check with the dealership before buying, but I know a lot that are near state lines will use the taxes from the state it will reside rather than the state you are buying it from.
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