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Hi guys! I'm new to NCL so gonna give a little background. I've owned my 04 Z11 Cube3 Rider since mid 07. Its silver in color and the upgrades I've made are 1) Voltage stabliser, 2) 15" 195/50 Wheels, 3) KYB Sport shocks & 4) Tanabe Springs.
I've had a little problem with my suspension & offset for my wheels. Wondering if any members have heard of springs spacers for the Cube. :)
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Hi, I'm pretty new here too. Do you have any pics of your Cube? I like the Rider version and it sounds sweet with your upgrades.

Don't know if you'll be able to find springs spacers specifically for the Cube yet, maybe after the official release when the aftermarket suppliers gets a hold of it.

I'm not much of a car tech, but can you find spacers of a matching diameter of the Cube's springs and fit it on?
I was just checking out the photo's of your car, loved them. Is you glove box dimpled?
Aren't they all like that standard?
Great photos cube3rider. Nice ride, nice locations and nice angles to your shots. 8)
Thanks for the comments guys! I just checked locally for spring spacers and they said it costs roughly USD $8 a piece. Gonna check them out this coming week if they are any good. Keep you all posted. Anyone is interested can give me a post.
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