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Hello from Ontario

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I put down a deposit today for an Espresso Bean Cube SL with dark interior. I added the rear roof spoiler and grille. Not sure when it is going to be in for sure. Have been told a few weeks so we'll see.

I have always enjoyed having a "different" looking car. I've been driving my VW Beetle for 9 years now.

I'm going from ROUND to SQUARE. Very excited.
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Congrats on your Cube :)! Sounds like a nice package, hope to see some photos when it arrives! I've yet to notice a rear spoiler, guess I'll have to look more closely.
Milo said:
Whereabouts in ON? I'm from just outside T.O. I have discovered two other cubists in town (Bramalea) in recent days. Welcome to the Cubist movement.
"Cubist"? I think Pablo Picasso already has a lock on that word -- but cubing seems safe :)!
Looks fantastic :)! But you didn't show the spoiler :(!
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah :)! Seriously, looks great -- happy cubing :)!
Looks really good Melinda, and it's set off by the arrival of Fall (those pretty falling leaf months). FWIW -- photo is best if you're back a bit more (delivers more of the total affect), but I'm not complaining. Very nice Cube -- congrats :)!
1 - 5 of 20 Posts
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