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hello from Hawaii

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just got my gray 6MT 1.8 on monday and frickin love it. i loved the cubes ever since they went square (2nd gen?) when i lived in japan, but americans don't buy brand new cars in okinawa. it just doesn't make sense.

so once i heard they were going to be sold in the US now that i live in hawaii, i needed to get one lol

i hear it all even over here. "oh nice ride!" "ew! its that ugly nissan car" "wow! thats cooler than i thought!"

cracks me up


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Aloha! Welcome to the house of Qb Life. 8)
awesome! i too fell in love with the 2nd-gen cube, so i was stoked when i heard they were bringing the 3rd gen to the states. nice to see the base model getting some love, too. are you enjoying the 6-speed transmission?
oh yeah big time. i've been a lifelong nissan fan. first car was a skyline back in high school, second was a 240SX when i first moved to hawaii. and now my third nissan is the cube. i just really enjoy nissan transmissions. they feel so. . .familiar lol
fo SHIZZLE! lol nah but i gotta save up before i can do that. and still trying to sell my other car :(
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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