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Hello everyone! I purchased a Cube on the 20th!!!

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Hello everyone! After selling my GTI 337 to a good home, I decided to save some money and get something unique and also affordable! I looked all over the Phoenix valley and purchased a pearl white 6 speed 1.8S with black interior! I am not one for "ricey" taste ,but it came with the "interior design package." It is great on gas! I love it! I already have about 700 miles on it, since I live in the greater LA area. I have only seen a few cubes in PHX, between PHX and LA, and around Pasadena. I hope to see more! It is a great little/big car! :)

I hope to have pictures up soon! I need to give her a good wash!!!
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nicee i have a 6 speed 1.8 white too. im in LA alhambra area maybe i seen you around
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