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First of all, hello and thank you for welcoming me on this forum of enthusiasts!
I'm French and I'm passionate about this original car since its release in France. And, I finally bought one a little less than a year ago.
I found what I was looking for, namely a gasoline model with a mechanical gearbox, with (only) 133000 kilometers!
My little bull-dog is working perfectly and I completely stripped the back of its seats, installed a small platform covered with soft carpet to welcome my two big greyhounds :)
I have just one little problem: the shocks of the beautiful one are dead :( I found the two rear ones at Nissan, they will be changed tomorrow and it was the most urgent since one of them was leaking!
I would have preferred to change the front ones too, by experience, I know that it's always better to change the 4 at the same time, unfortunately, the Nissan Cube front shocks are unavailable everywhere in France and even in Europe for what I understood.
My question: does anyone know where I can find them? I'm ready to do anything to keep my cube !!!!!!!
Thank you for your help!

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