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Hello all!!! Looking for a cube to do some R&D work on

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Jamie at Doug Thorley headers here. I'm looking to do some exhaust prototyping and possibly a header design on a Cube. If anyone is interested in the Southern California (Corona, Ca.) area please give me a call and we can make some arrangements. This is NOT an attempt to push our products and my intentions here are only to find a willing cube owner to work with. I look forward to your positive responses.

This is what you can expect from this experience.

Dyno testing on our chassis dyno before and after. Everyone will get to see some real world numbers.
You get to keep the exhaust system and be the first with one, anywhere.
I'm looking for a car that is stock (some exceptions can be made)

Give me a call if you would like to participate

Doug Thorley headers, R&D manager
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wow i wish you guys were in florida... but i look forward to seeing your products!
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