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great experience in SOCAL with 3 dealers.. no haggle invoice pricing!

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just got my SL, with ginormous, preferred, int design pack, rear cargo, and veh impact alarm for $100 over invoice from universal city nissan. they were NO bs and were great to work with.

i bougt from JAY in the internet sales dept... tim, the internet sales mgr is a great guy too. all i did was ask him straight up, "give me invoice!"... he said, the best he could do was $100 over. since they had EXACTLY what i wanted, i gave in. i talked to him @ 2pm, got there @ 3pm, was out of the lot with a newly washed and prepped car by 7:30... (note, i had a cash for clunkers trade in and i was their first, so it took extra long..)
i have to mention sal in finance, he's nice guy and will NOT pressure you into getting anything you dont want.

on a side note, i also was offered invoice price with no BS fees from DOWNEY NISSAN (SAL, internet dept) and POWER NISSAN in TORRANCE (gabrielle). unfortunately, they didnt have the color and package i wanted.

all 3 dealers were easy to work with and i didnt even have to step foot into one of them.. if you want a cube, call and one of these people and they will hook you up.

it's really too bad i couldnt buy 3 cars. they really all deserved the business.

this is the 4th car ive purchased.. and i wasnt sure what kind of service i would get considering it's an econocube... but this was by far the best experience ive had. maybe it was a nissan thing.. this is my first nissan.

good luck and go get a cube!! ( oh , and mention tom K. sent you... black on black sl)
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i'm glad you had such a great experience. unfortunately, dealers here are hesitant to go as low as invoice and will gladly turn such suggestions down :no:
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