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Been shopping around for the cube for the past 3 weeks but wasn't getting anywhere with the dealers to budge on the price. I started contacting the internet sales departments and started getting quoted 500-900 off of sticker. Then I emailed Alhambra and Sam quoted me 20188 on an SL with Preferred and Ginormous Package with a sticker price of 21990. I checked out the S and SL thoroughly before making my decision and asked Sam if we could test out the sound system on both to see if the upgraded system was worth it. I thought it was and I took the cube home the same night. They have 2 kroms in stock selling below sticker price and about 10 more cubes to choose from. Only thing though was two of them had some type of environmental charge.

The dealership website is:
Sam Espinoza's email: [email protected]

I'll post pics of the cube later.

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